Be the Smile Patients Want to See

June 25, 2017

Portrait closeup beautiful young girl in yellow hat over colorful

We asked our summer intern Lauren, who will be a second-year nursing student this fall, why she chose to become a nurse. This is what she wrote…

Like most other high school students, I spent a lot of time considering what career I would want to pursue as an adult. I examined every aspect of every career that interested me because I knew the career I chose would affect me for the rest of my life. Did I want to be a lawyer? A veterinarian? Maybe an accountant?

Many of the classes I took in high school molded my interests in different career fields. After taking a difficult math course, I knew anything that required much math skill probably wasn’t a field I would be interested in! After taking an anatomy course my junior year, I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field. I was intrigued by the human body and knew that a career in health care would suit me more than any other career.

Done with that decision, I then had to choose what specific career I wanted. I wanted flexibility; however, I also wanted a hands-on job in which I could personally impact people. The idea of working in a cubicle alone or in a research lab was not appealing at all! As I considered my options, nursing appealed to me most. There is such a wide range of job opportunities—I can choose to specialize in a individual clinical field, or I can go back to school and later become a nurse anesthetist, nurse educator or nurse practitioner. The options are nearly limitless for nurses.

The most important reason I chose to pursue nursing is my passion for helping others. Not only do I want to help them by physically caring for them, I also want to bring a smile to patients’ faces during difficult times.Being in a hospital can be frightening and lonely; a smile can relieve stress and bring comfort. I want to provide that!

I would also like to specialize in pediatrics because not only will I be able to help a child through whatever pain he or she is going through, I will also be able to be the smiling face for parents. A positive attitude and friendly face will help ease their stress, too.

Nursing also provides flexibility. While I’m still young, I have considered what I want my future family to be like. I know that one day I want to get married and have kids. Nursing will allow me to have a flexible schedule and give me more time to spend with my family. Companies such as RN & Allied Specialties make that dream possible for nurses through contract nursing that will allow me to choose when and where I want to work. It’s good to have options when you have a family!

I just finished my first year as a nursing major. While it was very difficult, it was well worth it. I know that my hard work will pay off when I can help patients. I would encourage my peers to not be discouraged by the difficult task of nursing school. Get out there and be the smiling face patients need to see!