How to Boost Your Earning Power as a PRN Nurse

September 17, 2017

Frustrated Nurse

Why is everything so expensive? The new car you want. The vacation. Your kid’s clothes. Your clothes. How can you afford more than the basics?

We’ve got a suggestion: add PRN shifts to your current full-time job.

If you’re unfamiliar with PRN nursing, it is a form of contract nursing where nurses work on an on-call, temporary basis, filling in for nurses on leave or providing additional help when patient intake increases. A PRN assignment might be for a single day or several days. It can even before the same day or night each week. An example of this is a plastic surgery clinic who needs an extra nurse on busy clinic days or to spend the night with patients post surgery.

Nurses who work PRN love it because it’s a great way to boost their earning power. It’s perfect becauseHappy Smiling Nurse(2) you don’t have to give up your full-time nursing position to do it. You can take PRN assignments to supplement your income.

It’s good income, too. A PRN assignment can pay as much as $500 per shift before taxes. Take four PRN assignments a month and you’ll boost your income by $2,000 a month! Suddenly all of the things you’ve been wanting are affordable.

So how do you tap into PRN nursing? As Indiana’s top contract nursing firm, RN & Allied Specialties always needs nurses who want to work PRN assignments. To get started, we ask that you complete our Quick App, which takes about a minute and can be done on our phone, tablet or laptop. Once we have your information, we follow up with a phone call to learn more about your experience and the type of assignments you are looking for and how often you’d like to work. Next comes the formal application and screening process. Once this is done, you are good to go!

PRN nursing is a great option for older nurses, nurses with children, young nurses working on additional degrees. It puts money in your pocket and gives you more control over your income! We encourage you to start the process now as fall and winter are high-demand times for PRN nurses!