What People Say About RN & Allied Specialties

“RN & Allied Specialties has been an excellent company to work for! Not only do I feel appreciated and am treated like a professional, but I also have a flexible schedule that is family friendly.” – Jennifer, RN

“I have worked for RN & Allied Specialties for several years. They have worked closely with me to assure my happiness in my different job assignments. They have also allowed me the flexibility to work around my husband’s schedule, which changes every three months. I am extremely grateful to work for RN & Allied Specialties and hope to work for them for many years to come.” – Cherie, RN

“My husband and I are semi-retired. My flexible work schedule with RN & Allied Specialties gives us the option of additional time to pursue hobbies and travel.” – Ann, PT

“RN & Allied Specialties just isn’t another contract placement company; it’s a family that cares about family. It consists of people who focus on providing the best quality of service and individualized care possible. This family goes above and beyond to ensure that not only clients feel secure and safe, but employees as well. I have experienced some of the greatest kindness from people I have encountered at RN & Allied Specialties. I have never worked with a company that recognizes and cares about their employees as much as they do.” – Annitta, LPN

“RN & Allied Specialties has been a part of my life since they first went into business. They have allowed me to work as much or as little as I want or. They are an awesome company to work for.” – Cindy, RN

“RN & Allied Specialties really goes above and beyond to assist me with working extra hours at times when I need it the most. The staff is always friendly and easy to get in touch with if needed.” – Marie, RN

“I love working for RN & Allied Specialties. They allow me to work a flexible schedule, and whenever I have a question about anything, they are always there to answer them. Thank You for all you do.” – Donna, RN

“RN & Allied Specialties offers me flexible work options, supporting my ability to be a mom and an occupational therapist. In addition, the staff is kind, thoughtful, and includes me in staff events despite my part-time work status.” – Abigail, MSOTR

“RN & Allied Specialties has always been there for me since I started in 1998. I enjoy working with a caring company.” – Jeanette, RN

“Working for RN & Allied Specialties has been a blessing. My flexible schedule has allowed me to have more time with my family and more time to further my education.” – Mary, RN

“RN & Allied Specialties has given me a new opportunity and outlook on nursing. I love to have the opportunity to travel to new facilities and develop new relationships. RN & Allied Specialties has also given me more of an opportunity to have time with my grandchildren.” – Sharon, RN

“A friend referred me to RN & Allied Specialties when I was looking for work. Being a single mom, they saw the urgency of finding work for me. Within a week, they put me on the fast track, assisted me in getting my credentials and found me a 13-week contract in my specialty. Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful and I appreciate everything they have done for me. I now refer my nursing friends to RN & Allied Specialties.” – Tamara, RN

“The staff at RN & Allied Specialties is very helpful and kind. I am thankful to be apart of such a wonderful and professional company.” – Stacey, RN

“RN & Allied Specialties allows me to be the wife and mom I want to be, while I stretch myself to be the professional nurse that I aspire to be. I get to have my cake and eat it too! I am blessed to have the opportunity to work in my chosen specialty with other highly skilled nurses and healthcare professionals.” – Rebecca, RN

“I enjoy working for RN & Allied Specialties because it provides the opportunity to expand my professional network daily.” – Lydia, MA, CCC-SLP