Joint Commission: The Gold Medal of Quality

Joint Commission Certified Since 2008

Joint CommissionIn 2008, RN & Allied Specialties underwent the rigorous certification process through The Joint Commission to receive the certification for Healthcare Staffing Services. In 2010, 2012, 2014 and now in 2016, we passed an unannounced re-certification process to maintain our status. We are proud of both accomplishments and while not easy, we believe strongly that our certification is meaningful to our clients, specifically in the following areas:

Risk Management

The contracted staff from Joint Commission certified firms have already been through an expensive process of due diligence, including verifying licensure, education and training, assessing competency, and background checks, when necessary. This reduces risk to a hospital accepting our staff.


Certified staffing firms are required to provide orientation as part of their basic education for staff, including education about infection control, cultural diversity and the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals. Therefore, the hospital does not have to duplicate orientation, but can concentrate on orientation specific to a unit or department.

Personnel Records

Certified firms are required to conduct a full review of the clinician’s education, background, training, and competencies.

Performance Improvement

Certified firms are required to track and submit data relevant to the do not returns in two categories: clinical and professional. Certified firms must then design performance improvement measures in order to minimize occurrences. All of this information is shared with the Joint Commission.

For more information about the certification process, please review the Facts about Health Care Staffing Services Certification or obtain information directly from the Joint Commission.