There’s Still Time to Travel This Summer

May 21, 2017


It’s hard to believe that the official start of summer – Memorial Day – is next Monday. Conversation in hospital breakrooms has shifted from “What are you doing this weekend?” to “What are you doing for vacation this summer?”

For some of us, it’s a cringe-worthy question. The other question is, “How am I going to answer it?” Somehow it’s not very sexy to answer one of the following:

  • I’m visiting my grandparents in Iowa.
  • I’m doing a stay-cation; I just love my yard!
  • I’m working; my patients need me.

What you’d really like to answer is:

  • I’m going to Northern California and visiting famous vineyards.
  • I’m going to New York and catching some Broadway plays.
  • I’m going to the beach and learning how to paddle board.

All of the above sounds like great fun, but you’re probably thinking you don’t have the money to take winesuch a fun and somewhat extravagant vacation.

If you’re a nurse and you want to take an exciting summer vacation, you can. And someone will actually pay you to do it. It’s called travel nursing and RN & Allied Specialties has full-time contracts for travel nurses all across the country.

Want to work in California and explore ? You can. Want to live in New York City or somewhere close by with access to the city and go to tons of Broadway shows? You can. Want to learn how to paddle board, kayak and enjoy the beach life? You can do that, too. Travel nursing allows you to go to all of the places you’ve dreamed of – and someone else pays you to do it!

bwayTravel nurse contracts can range from eight weeks to six months; it all depends on what the client hospital or health system needs. Most travel contract pay a portion of a travel nurse’s expenses, including housing, travel, license, and certain other costs. Some contracts also have an allowance for meals, parking, even car rental.

Before accepting a contract, you need up-to-date health records and time to get local licensure. The entire process can take up to four weeks. But once you’re done, you’re ready to head to your new assignment. At the end of a travel nurse assignment, you can take another contract in another destination to which you’ve always wanted to travel or come home. It’s up to you.

If you’d like to travel this summer as a travel nurse, we encourage you to start the process now. Complete our Quick App – it only takes a minute – and talk to our recruiters by emailing or 317-354-1132. If we’re lucky, you’ll be on your summer travel vacation by early July!