This Year’s Best Lunch Boxes – For Your Child and You!

September 04, 2017

shutterstock_340181912Back in the day, a lunch box was little more than a metal box emblazoned with the latest cartoon character or super hero. If you were lucky, it came with a matching thermos with a little plastic cup. Trouble was, the lunch box didn’t keep anything cool and the thermos typically broke the first time it was dropped. Darn it!

Then there was the fall back, the brown paper bag. While convenient and cheap, lunch was pretty well smushed by the entire lunchtime rolled around. Not a kid favorite!

Today, there are more choices than ever before in the school lunch transport system category. (We kind of hate to call them lunch boxes as they are much more sophisticated now.) Here are four we at RN & Allied Specialties love for our nurse moms and dads and your kids. Most of these are appropriate for all ages. Just be careful! These are so cool you may want one for yourself!

Lunch Box 1: The Packit Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure

PackitThis has got to be the coolest lunch bag around and we do mean cool! The bag includes patented cooling technology, which in essence means that it includes built-in gel packs. Simply place the folded bag in the freezer overnight and in the morning it’s ready to go, keeping contents nicely chilled throughout the day.

The Packit features a zip closure, which keeps the contents cool, but is also easy for small hands to open and close. The inner lining is water resistant and easy to wipe out between uses. There’s plenty of room for a sandwich, wrap, yogurt cup, fruit, drinks, and whatever else your child likes. Choose from 30+ colorful designs. Price: $23

Lunch Box 2: Bentgo Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box

Kids who don’t like their food “touching” are going to love the Bentgo Bento-Style Lunch Box that features patented leak-proof technology. There are five separate compartments in the box. Thanks to aBentgo matching molded lid, everything remains separate so crisp foods stay crisp and wet foods stay wet. Kids love seeing their food neatly separated.

Here’s why you’ll love the Bentgo Box: it won’t break when dropped, it’s microwaveable and it’s dishwasher safe! Price: $27

Lunch Box 3: Igloo Insulated Neoprene Lunch Box

This Igloo lunch box is the “basic black” of lunch boxes, but with a high-tech twist. It’s constructed of thick neoprene, ligloo-Deluxe-Neoprene-Insulated-Lunch-Bag-Extra-Thick-Insulated-Lunch-Box-Neoprene-Lunch-Tote-0which insulates the food inside so it stays cold or hot, whichever is packed. It’s roomy, too. You can easily fit two 10” x 4” x 2” containers inside. The Igloo lunch box is perfect for middle and high schoolers thanks to its sophisticated look. Price: $16

Lunch Box 4: Thermos Soft Lunch Kit

These colorful Thermos soft lunch kits harken back to the days of old. hello-kitty-soft-lunch-kit_1024x1024The embossed metal has been replaced by soft, 100% PVC free materials printed with your choice of Hello Kitty, Frozen, the Hulk, or a myriad of other characters. The main advantages of these lunch kits are that they’re cheap, reusable, and easily replaced when your child loses interest in the character. There are lots of themes so you’re sure to find one that appeals to your kids. Price: $10

If you haven’t gotten your child’s lunch box yet and the shelves of your local discount store are picked clean, no worries. You’ll find all of these online and delivered to your door within days. Just pull out the brown paper bags in the meantime.